From Your Apartment in Dallas to Europe

From Your Apartment in Dallas to Europe

We have the luxury apartments Dallas residents live in when they want to have a quick escape. After all, it’s a short drive to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. That means you’re never far from the trip of a lifetime. Although, we know that travel isn’t always possible.

There are two big reasons why people don’t travel: lack of money and lack of vacation days. Well, one of those problems could be solved for most people when the new year rolls around and those vacation days get replenished. If you have some vacation days you’re looking to burn, the next obstacle is your bank account. Traveling is expensive, and it takes time and commitment to save enough money to be able to enjoy yourself on a vacation. There’s nothing worse than going out of the country and realizing you’ve spent most of your money before the trip is even half over.

The team at Crest at Glencoe Dallas Apartments understands your predicament, so with a little help from Thrillist, we put together a list of affordable countries that should fit any traveler’s budget.

Czech Republic

The country is called the Czech Republic. The city you’re going to want to visit is called Prague. If you make Prague your vacation destination, the flight is the only thing that you’ll overpay for. Even then, you might be able to find a flight to Dublin or Norway for cheap, then hop on a Ryanair flight to Prague.

Everything else in this city, from the beer to the food to the hostels, is as cheap as it gets in a major European tourist destination. A fancy hostel will cost you roughly $30/night. Every meal should cost you less than $10 even if you eat at a sit-down restaurant, and no beer should cost you more than $3. Prague is known for being one of the world’s great beer towns too, and the Czech Republic drinks more beer per capita than any other country in the world.


How far can you get with $20? For some, the money might be gone before lunch is over, if they got Starbucks in the morning and Chipotle at noon. Poof, gone, just like that. That is, unfortunately, the case in Dallas where big city living comes with big city prices. That is not the case in India however, where $20 can mean 3 square meals and a drink. This is especially true in Goa, India. Goa is a seaside state in southwest India. It’s western coast is formed by the beautiful Arabian Sea, which you can stay next to for a measly $15 a night if you play your cards right.

A flight for a 10 day trip to India will cost you about $1000, but you could easily spend less than $500 the entire time you’re there.

Panama City

Forget everything you know about Panama, even if that only includes facts about a certain canal. Panama City is actually one of the world’s major metropolitan areas, and it’s growing at a faster rate than any other economy in Latin America. The city center is filled with cobblestone streets next to glistening skyscrapers, which makes for a nice visual representation of how quickly Panama City is growing. Somehow, this metropolis in paradise has remained affordable, coming in at third on the list of the world’s cheapest major cities. You can stay in a nice hostel for $14/night, or stay at the nicest hotel in town for $147 a night, or roughly the price of a Comfort Suites in Dallas. Don’t forget the best part: Panamanian currency is interchangeable with the U.S. dollar.

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